PendryWhite provides experience, advice and training to support effective management and marketing communications. We offer team-building techniques to strengthen sound inter-personal relationships that deliver effective communications internally and externally.

Our management support includes competitor analysis, public policy and issues management, corporate resilience and crisis management, and team-building techniques.

For SMEs in particular, we provide communications to support the company's progress from its entrepreneurial origins to a fully managed corporate business.

We understand the importance of exit strategies. We are flexible enough to help build an in-house capability to take a company through all its stages of growth and development.

Above all, we are good at working with other advisers. We respect boundaries and understand the importance of compliance as well as ethics.

We can manage all aspects of a client's web presence – online branding, website development, maintenance and security, as well as social media management. Content is our speciality. Content is the key to effective search engine optimization.

Online activity can be integrated with qualitative research, online feedback, competitor research, focus groups, public policy and issues management, and a press office function that is agile and robust enough to cope with any crisis.

Routine content generation involves copywriting - for blogs, newsletters, white papers and other thought leadership outputs. We also manage online audience interaction, overseeing social media communications to manage public conversations.


websites and microsites
online brand deployment
blogs/thought leadership
social media oversight


online monitoring
crisis management
interim press office
targeted media handling
ethical Wikipedia oversight


team building
focus groups (internal & external)
qualitative research
competitor reviews
stakeholder mapping